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3 months ago
Block and Teleport bugs(?)

So I experienced some strange stuff while playing. They might be caused by lag, or might be bugs. I don't know.

First off, if I break a block I'm standing on, my character slides off to the edge of the block under the one I destroyed. So far I didn't fall off the block under the one I destroyed, but it's scary and might be dangerous. (Especially in the nether!)

A second possible bug is also related to blocks. I placed a block upon another I was standing on (Jump and place), and I fell through both the blocks, but luckily the fall didn't harm me. (EDIT: It happened again, from a higher spot, and it seemed like I was teleported down, rather than falling.)

The third and final bug I encountered is related to home teleport. I teleported home, but rather than spawning in my home, I fell into the water under my home. *Luckily.* If it wasn't water, it would surely have died from the fall. A second time I fell in the water, but right after spawned back in my home, without doing anything.

These bugs started just recently, and I'm not sure if I am the only one experiencing them or not.

3 months ago

So, since Vardorien usually ignores my suggestions on discord 😝 (or they get lost in the flood of my other messages), I decided to write them here, where they don't get lost so easily. I don't think they affect the gameplay in a negative way or would make the game too easy, but they would definitely provide a solution to many common nuisances a Minecraft player faces everyday.

- XP Storage (Possibly a chest or some other object, where we can store our xp for later use.)

- Death Marker (Waypoints mods usually have this. It marks the spot of your death, so you can find your way back and (hopefully) retrieve your items.


That's it for now. I'll update the list when I have more ideas or someone suggests some.